Great Job Amir Afianian! You have a marvelous grasp of the brains function- seeing it in print unveils my guilty pleasures and demonstrates how they have been consuming me.

What about the Mind? When you meditate do you enter a higher authority addressing the brains high-speed byways and relieving one, if only temporarily, of the urge to ‘click’ just one more time? (Mind over matter?).

I find there is peace in discovering an open mind has the capacity to heal, rebuild, and redirect our thoughts. Our part is simple-all we have to do is remember to use it!

Meditating is similar to learning to read more, do more. The more one meditates the easier it becomes.

I admire you for working this out while you are young. It took a broken neck to slow me down where I could think! (ponder).

MS in Criminal Justice, Alpha Phi Sigma on Criminal Justice Honor Society, Investigative Journalist, Author, Intuitive Protector, Metaphysical Teacher.